The Gift of Salmon:

Since I became a Streamkeeper 4 years ago, the fall has become my absolute favourite time of year…..and the reason is the salmon returning to our creeks to continue the circle of life. This last Thursday I was down by Roberts Creek and could hardly keep an accurate count as there were SO many! I was super excited this particular time as there were 2 very dark salmon amongst the chum! I knew they must be coho! I was surprised as we do not usually see the coho as they are masters in avoiding the scrutiny of humans by hiding under large woody debris and undercuts. Usually the only way we know they were in the creek the previous fall is we see so many little fry with the telltale white strips on their fins emerging from the gravel! They are an absolute delight to see! Here is one video that has the coho swimming among the chum! If you love salmon, we need you to speak up for them! #SaveOurSalmon #ENJOY!

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