SCSS Projects for 2021

Estuary at Roberts Creek, B.C. Photo Credit: Shirley Samples

Monthly Invasive Plant Removal Events

We have an invasive plant removal event on the last Saturday of every month. The next one is Saturday, April 24th at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Our new location will be at Roberts Creek Lower Road bridge. (Beside the Roberts Creek Legion).

We are fortunate that we have been awarded 2 grants of $450.00 from Pacific Salmon Foundation to purchase native plants to rehabilitate the areas where we remove the invasive plants. We are grateful to Pacific Salmon Foundation for this accommodation!

Invasive english ivy pulled at monthly event. Photo Credit: SCSS

Streamkeeper 2-Day Workshop – Spring, 2021

This workshop to be held at Chaster Creek in Gibsons, BC. This training is full, and we have started a waiting list.

There will be space for 12 participants and the fee will be $50.00.

For advance information on what will be covered in the 2 – Day Streamkeepers Training, please check out the website for Pacific Streamkeepers Federation:

If you have any questions, please send an email to

We plan to add other creeks along the Sunshine Coast and will list them as they start to be monitored.

Climate and Salmonid: Recording Air and Water Temperatures

On September 1, 2020 SC Streamkeepers started recording weekly air and water temperatures on 4 creeks: Roberts Creek, Malcolm Creek, Langdale Creek and Chaster Creek.

This has been such a success, we decided we want to expand this project, not only to include more creeks, but also record the temperature of water and air more often, so we have a better picture of how climate change is affecting the natural habitat of wild salmon.

In order to this, our DFO Community Advisor, Dave Davies has donated 6 temperature loggers and other recording equipment to our group for this project. We are very appreciative of this support! We have already installed one at the mouth of Chaster Creek, and plan to install other temperature loggers on 8 additional creeks on the Sunshine Coast. These loggers will be recording both air and water temperatures every hour of every day of the year!! We look forward to sharing the valuable information and using this data to help us make better decisions on how to help salmon survive . Please watch for the data we will be collecting at 3 month intervals!!

Other projects:

Lower Rd. bridge at Roberts Creek – creosote pilings.

Fish ladders at Malcolm Creek culvert.

Sunshine Coast Riparian Zone brochure.

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