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A picture of some of our Streamkeepers in action at Chaster Creek!  (Photo Credit Brian Thicke) 

Email update sent: April 18, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Isn’t it great spring is here – today it felt like summer! The birds are chirping away in the mornings and evenings letting us know they are back and busy building nests for their young! The cherry and plum trees are full of blossoms! The perennials are showing up again and the sun’s rays are getting warm! Also….the salmon fry are starting to emerge from the gravel and will be continuing in the coming weeks! Mother Earth is busy and so are we! We are gearing up for important activities for wild salmon in the coming months! 

Temperature Logger Installations:

Due to the generous donation by our DFO Community Advisor of 6 temperature loggers we can start a project we are excited about: Climate Change and Salmonid: Creek Air/Water Temperatures

We have installed those temperature loggers in Langdale Creek (1), Chaster Creek (1), Malcolm Creek (2) and Roberts Creek (2). We have already downloaded the data from the Chaster Creek water logger to find that the data our volunteers are gathering in their weekly visits to the creek are the same as those collecting digitally. We are hoping to receive more funding soon so we can install temperature loggers in more creeks along the coast.

The reason we feel it is important to gather this information is due to the warmer and longer summers and the fact that salmon are very sensitive to high water temperatures and we feel it is important to have historical data going forward. We will keep you updated on this important project!

Invasive Plant Removal Report:

We are continuing with our monthly invasive plant removal events on the last Saturday of the month in Roberts Creek.

The amount of ivy, laurel and blackberry community volunteers have removed from the Roberts Creek riparian area is totally amazing! We have had some super energetic people come out to our invasive plant removals on the last Saturday of the month and it is amazing how much a small group of concerned citizens can accomplish! A HUGE thank you to those of you that came out and a BIG welcome to the new volunteers that joined us! Our next Invasive Plant removal will continue April 24th @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at Lower Rd bridge in Roberts Creek (beside RC Legion).

We are happy to say a few individuals have come forward and want to  start a new group in Sechelt to remove invasive plants on the second Saturday of the month. They are keen to rehabilitate the creeks and waterways in that area. We have an invasive plant removal planned for May 8th in Sechelt at Brookman Park (Chapman Creek). If that is something you would like to join, please contact Denise at

Plant Sales at Wednesday RC Market: 

As an annual fundraiser we have started seedlings to sell at the Wednesday’s Farmers Market – we will have vegetables and perennials available in the upcoming months. Watch for them!

IGA Donation Cards:

To date we have received $470.83 from our IGA donation cards! If you would like to help with an easy way to raise funds for our projects, please contact Jean Hamilton, treasurer at Our group receives 4% of your grocery bill, and it sure adds up! Thank you to those that are using the cards! 🙂 We have cards available!

 Streamkeepers 2-Day Training Update:

While we have had to wait for the Sk trainings to take place for a seemingly long time, we are being cautiously optimistic that our planned dates of May 15 & 16, and May 29 & 30 will happen! These training sessions are full, but we are happy to announce we will be registering for the next training session for June and September. An email went out last week to those on the waitlist. If you received that email, please confirm you still want to participate. If you would like to put on the wait list or want more information, please email

For an outline of what will be covered please see Handbook:

Donations for Volunteer Insurance Greatly Appreciated:

Thank you to the people who generously contributed towards our Streamkeeper Volunteer Insurance – it is now covered! 

All donations to SCSS go directly to on-the-ground expenses that help us to provide the needed equipment/supplies that help us to continue to work at protecting wild salmon and their habitat here on the coast. 

Streamkeepers Equipment Update:

We are happy to say with the approval of our application for a grant with PSF we were able to purchase  important testing equipment: A Dissolved Oxygen Tester and Ph meter. With these 2 additional testers we have 2 full Sk kits, so now the Gibsons Group (Langdale & Chaster) and Roberts Creek (Malcolm & Roberts) have their own sets!!

GoPro Camera Donation: Thank you Larry Reid for your generous donation of a GoPro camera installed on a pole making it possible to look under water especially during spawning season!

Ongoing Creek Assessments:

We have completed the  Module 3 assessments on the following creeks; Chaster Creek, Malcolm Creek, Langdale Creek and Roberts Creek.

All creeks scored above 43 in the range for good (40-45) that indicates that they are considered in the healthy range for wild salmon and other creatures that call the creek their home! This is heartwarming to know and we will keep monitoring to make sure they stay that way!

We look forward to keeping busy on the creeks and hope as many of you as possible join us in the coming months and through the summer! There are many jobs that can be done and what better way to spend our time – connecting with Mother Earth and speaking for those with no voice!

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to everyone being healthy!

Kindest Regards,

Shirley, Denise & Jean

Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society


Email Update sent: January 6, 2021

Happy New Year EveryONE!

We want to send a special wish of happiness in the coming new year to all of you! It has been a year few of us will forget for all kinds of reasons, but we thought it would be a great time to share all the 2020 accomplishments of Streamkeepers here on the Sunshine Coast! 

We also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyONE that contributed in so many ways to make this last year a success for wild salmon! 🙂

Also wanted to share with you our plans/goals for the coming year – we have lots of them and hope you will find one or two that you might like to participate in!

2020 Spawning Salmon Report:

We are pleased to report we finished a second year of counting spawning salmon in 4 creeks, Chaster Creek, Roberts Creek, Langdale Creek and Malcolm Creek. The numbers increased substantially in Roberts Creek and Chaster Creek! Also, the chum salmon that did return were notably large in size! The number of returns of coho were less than 2019, we hope that number will increase as this species is important to our whole ecosystem but especially for southern resident orcas that depend on them as one of their desired food preferences. Special thank you to Libby, Kelly, Jean, Brian, Angela, Ryan, Larry, Kalum, Michael, Lorraine and Ann for coming out no matter the weather! 

Salmon Survey Year End Totals (mainly chum):

Roberts Creek                                                         

2019                115  (including 16 live coho)

2020.               483 (including 2 live coho)

Chaster Creek

2019                   4

2020.               103 (including 2 live coho)

Langdale Creek

2019                   –

2020                  20

Malcolm Creek

2019                  11 (all live coho)

2020                   0

Hutchinson Creek

2019                    –

2020                    5

Ouillet Creek

2019                    –

2020                   15

From the above data, we see that the numbers for chum in Chaster Creek and Roberts Creek were higher in 2020 than 2019.  That was great and fun to see SO many this year!      

This information will become even more valuable as we continue through the coming years. We will begin to see possible trends and as we continue to monitor the creeks, we can make sure we remedy any problems that may be hindering or obstructing spawning salmon or destroying fish habitat. 

Module 3 Water Quality LUSH Project:

SCSS completed a project generously sponsored by LUSH (B.C. company that makes handmade cosmetics). We completed Module 3 “Water Quality Surveys” during the warmer months from June to September. An average of 3 – 4 volunteers did the monthly assessments. With the hotter/drier summers due to climate change the temperature of the creeks can become intolerably hot making it impossible for fry to survive. We want to give a huge shout out of thank you to the Streamkeepers volunteers! By completing this project, SCSS was awarded a $500.00 donation by LUSH!! Thank YOU LUSH and Pacific Streamkeepers Federation for your continued support!

Monthly Invasive Plant Removal Event:

In the last year we have been happy to host 11 monthly invasive plant removal events! On the last Saturday of every month we have been removing invasive plants (mostly ivy) from riparian areas beside Malcolm Creek. We are now starting to remove the invasive plants beside Roberts Creek. We have lots of work to do, if you would like to join us, our next event will be on Saturday, January 30th at 11:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Lower Road bridge beside the Roberts Creek Little Legion.

See f/b event here:

We had a great turnout on November 29th when we were very mindful of Covid protocols. We were very happy to have numerous school age children accompanying their parents help us remove two truck loads of ivy and laurel!

Also, in 2020 SCSS started to remove knotweed from various locations near creeks and on beaches here on the coast. We are following a similar protocol without the use of harmful chemicals that was used at Henderson Beach in Roberts Creek. Please see further information on the Henderson Beach Knotweed Removal project here:

If you would like to take part in removing knotweed in the coming year, we will need volunteers to do bi-weekly plant clipping during May to September. 

PSF Grants Received:

We are very happy to say we received 2 grants from Pacific Salmon Foundation of $450.00 each in order to purchase native plants that were used to replace the ivy we removed and to help stabilize the banks of Malcolm Creek. Thank you PSF!

Also, we are very happy to say we have just received notice that our application for water testing equipment including an OxyGuardportable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meter and Hanna pH/Temperature tester from PSF for $1,500.00 has been approved! As SCSS is growing in numbers, we want to have equipment available to all groups to perform Module 3 water quality testing efficiently.

Weekly Creek Temperature Project:

SCSS has also started to take the weekly water temperatures of 4 creeks, this will be valuable information to monitor the health of our creek’s ecosystems. Another thank you to those that are visiting the creeks every week to take its temperature! We would like to expand this to include other creeks including Angus Creek and Wilson Creek. If anyone would be interested in helping with this, that would be great!

IGA Donation Card Update:

This year we received $502.76 from the IGA donation program! This has been so helpful to cover many of the operating SCSS expenses! Thank you to those of you who have been using your IGA cards! (If you would like a card, please let our treasurer Jean Hamilton know!) We receive 4% of your total food bill! Good deal for us! 

If anyone would also like to donate to SCSS or has any ideas for fundraising, please let us know! We will have the expense of volunteer insurance coming due in May for $360.00 and we will need to raise these funds! 🙂 You can e-transfer to

Seedling Sales @ RC Market:

In the last year we have been raising funds through the sale of seedlings at the weekly Wednesday market at Denise’s table. We sold tomatoes, perennials, aloe vera and numerous other plants. If you would like to contribute some seedlings for the coming spring market or would like to purchase some little plants, that would be awesome! Thank you, Denise, for your efforts to make this such a success!

Update on Streamkeepers Training:

We are hoping to host the 2-day Streamkeepers training in May 2021. We have 12 confirmed participants. Due to covid the training has been postponed twice. We hope the spring will bring a better situation to hold the trainings. We will probably have each training reduced to 6 instead of the regular 12 participants. We also have another 6 people who are on the wait list and we hope to have them confirmed, so we have a total of 18 people in total for Streamkeepers training! This is fantastic! 🙂

If you would like to be added to the list, please let us know. The fee is $50.00 and if you would like to see what is covered please have a look at the following link:

2021 SCSS Upcoming Goals and Projects

A few of the 2021 projects we are planning are as follows.

Creek Mapping Project:

We are very interested in pursuing a project to map the creeks, we will be hosting a creek mapping training in April 2021 if you are interested in helping with this, please let us know.

SCSS Fry Trapping Project:

An important aspect of knowing the health of a creek is to know the number and species of fish in a creek and to know how successful the previous spawning season was. Our creeks are alive with various kinds of fish, there are cutthroat and skulpin. By obtaining this data we ensure the creeks are designated as fish bearing.

Malcolm Creek Metcalfe/Roy Rd. Culvert:

We have spoken to the company that oversees the culverts on the Sunshine Coast. We are pleased to say the Malcolm Creek culvert on Metcalfe @ Roy Road is to be refurbished this coming summer (at low flow). The culvert is so rusted that during the summer, no water makes it to the end as the whole bottom of the culvert is rusted out and we believe this is a barrier and detrimental for spawning salmon and their fry. 

Riparian Zone Information Brochure:

We would like to compose/print an information brochure on the importance of the riparian areas of creeks for the general public and officials in local government. We believe the federal, provincial and municipal government laws/bylaws need to be followed so we can protect and ensure we contribute to the health of each creek when development is requested and to highlight just how important it is that all recommendations are followed and laws are enforced. Please watch for this new brochure in the coming months!

As you can see, we have been busy! But we plan to be even busier in the coming year! There is so much to do and what better thing could there be than being out walking our creeks and advocating for those that have no voice.

Also please check out the link below for a video produced by Bob Turner that is an amazing capture of a female chum laying her eggs. The video is from the Squamish area and is a must see! ! Also, please check out our website and f/b page. If you have any suggestions for either, please don’t hesitate to let us know! 🙂

We look forward to lots of work being done for wild salmon in 2021! Please join us in any way that is workable for you!

Best wishes,

Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society