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Photo Credit: Larry Reid

Photos of our various projects

Here’s a photo tour of our various projects and monthly activities:

Spawning Counts

Streamkeepers start to walk the creeks this year (2021) in the middle of September as the pink salmon are returning this year. We have counted them in Dakota Creek and Roberts Creek. We have also heard they are in Chapman Creek. In the coming weeks we will start to see chum and coho return and they will be in the creeks until the in the first week of December. Here are a few of the highlights of this amazing time of year:

Spawning pink salmon returning to Roberts Creek September 25, 2021
Kelly and Pat checking the creek for pink salmon September 23, 2021

Kelly and Libby using the GoPro camera donated by Larry Reid to the Malcolm Creek and Roberts Creek groups. The camera helps us to check places that are harder to see, like undercuts. Thank you Larry for your generous gift!

Here is a shot of our group at the upper end of Roberts Creek near the confluence of Clack Creek @ Roberts Creek. This is a LWD (large woody debris) that we often find chum and coho underneath the downed trees. This year we found more carcasses that were killed by predators like mink and bears unfortunately.

Roberts Creek salmon count, November 2020 Photo Credit Jean Hamilton

Part of spawning counting of salmon is also find many carcasses and we record the species, male or female and length. We also dissected the whole fish we found to find if they had been able to partially or fully spawn.  This picture is of a chum salmon on the beach at Roberts Creek estuary.

Female chum, Roberts Creek estuary December 2020 Photo Credit John Law
Photo Credit Shirley Samples
Sacred end of life of a spawning salmon that gave all to procreate for the future of his species. Photo Credit: Shirley Samples
Spawning Chum, GoPro Photo Credit: Larry Reid
Spawning chum, Roberts Creek December 2020 GoPro Photo Credit Larry Reid
A picture of many of the chum spawning in Roberts Creek on day the water was the colour of tea. November 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples
Roberts Creek 2020 Measuring dead salmon gives us valuable data regarding size, sex, and percentage of spawned (how much milt or eggs are still in carcass).
Larry and Kelly looking for spawning salmon. Roberts Creek, Photo Credit Shirley Samples
Streamkeepers participating in spawning salmon survey, Chaster Creek, November 2020 Photo Credit Brian Thicke
Larry is an ardent and hardworking streamkeeper! Photo Credit Brian Thicke
Female chum spawner, Roberts Creek, November 2020 Photo Credit Larry Reid
Two chum spawning, Roberts Creek, November 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples

Invasive Plant Removal

Events held monthly are an important part of the work by streamkeepers volunteers. A healthy riparian area is vital for the survival of salmon in the streams.

Many volunteers came out to remove the invasive plants (mainly ivy) from the trees in the riparian area of Roberts Creek (at Lower Road bridge). November 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples
It didn’t take too long to pull all this ivy off the trees and ground at Roberts Creek! November 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples
This is our first invasive plant removal !!

Juvenile Fish Trapping

Cutthroat fry caught while trapping. Trapping young fry enables streamkeepers to know that the creek is healthy and to know the species of fish and numbers.

September 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples

Creek Monitoring

Creeks of the Sunshine Coast that SC Streamkeepers monitor.

Malcolm Creek, December 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples
Malcolm Creek waterfall, December 2020 Photo Credit Shirley Samples

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