If you would like to contact us at Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers please send an email to .

You can also like us and follow Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers on facebook @

Thank you for caring about our wild salmon and the creeks on the Sunshine Coast!! #SaveOurSalmon #WaterIsLife

Chum at Roberts Creek, BC 2020 Photo Credit: Larry Reid

2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. I am presently doing some research on Winegarden Park and trying to get info on the 2 streams flanking the North and south borders . Can you tell me if they are streams by definition since I cannot find them on your map.
    Thank you
    Judy Bonkoff


  2. Hi Judy: The 2 creeks SC Streamkeepers are monitoring in Gibsons are Charman Creek (near Gibsons Marina beside Public Market) and Gibson Creek (near Armours Beach). Neither of them flank the Winegarden Park. It may be an idea to contact Town of Gibsons, Parks Dept. I am not familiar with the drainage aspects of the Town of Gibsons, that may be the water you are observing. I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you. Thank you


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