Chum Spawners, Malcolm Creek Photo Credit Ann Law


December 4, 2021

Life Aquatic with Fernando Lessa | NatureTalks Webinar | Nov 3 2021 

Hosted by:  Nature Conservancy of Canada

October 27, 2021

Water Data Management for Regional Community-Based Water Monitoring Groups

Collaborative Monitoring Initiative Webinar
October 18th, 2021

Dance of the Herring, Herring Spawn, Hornby Island, BC by Bob Turner

July 31, 2021 

Pacific Salmon and their Circle of Life  by Bob Turner

May 5, 2021

Bob Turner “has just posted a new short movie on my YouTube channel – “Pacific Salmon and their Circle of Life”. The movie is a collaboration with the Salmon in the Classroom program run by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and its education coordinator, Bev Bowler. The movie tells the story of the life cycle of salmon, and is tailored to curricula taught in our BC schools. The Salmon in the Schools program, along with the related Salmon Enhancement Program that operates community hatcheries like the one we have here on Bowen Island, create deep and vital links between salmon, children, teachers and community members. I can think of no other program that fosters such deep and enduring relationships between a wild animal species and us, and for that I am truly grateful. So it was a great pleasure to work with Bev to create a movie that deepens that connection.” – Bob Turner



Chum Salmon Spawning near Squamish, BC

Bob Turner made this amazing video! It is a video capturing chum salmon spawning near Squamish in November 2020. The female’s release of her eggs and fertilization by male sperm is clearly visible at 2:34.

See video here: 


Life Beneath The Surface 2021 – Beauty and Diversity

by Geoff Grognet of Aquatic HD Productions

“The SCCA Marine Committee is proud to present the “Life Beneath the Surface” with support from the District of Sechelt. This video is designed to highlight and celebrate the incredible diversity of marine life found in our own “backyard” on the Sunshine Coast. This underwater tour is filmed in ?alhtulich (Sechelt Inlet) and the Salish Sea, which is within the traditional and unceded territory of the shishalh Nation. Video production by Geoff Grognet of Aquatic HD Productions. Check out his other underwater content here:… “

Forest Practices & Fish Habitat Webinar 

Watch the recording of our Forest Practices & Fish Habitat #webinar from Feb. 23 on #YouTube at ! BC Wildlife Federation

See video here:

BC Westcoast Herring Run 2018 – Video by Bob Turner

Please watch this amazing videography of Bob Turner, he has captured and shared with us the spectacular wildlife event of annual herring spawn for many years now. The 2021 herring spawn is upon us.

See video here:

The Last Days by Larry Reid

July 31, 2021

“Scenes of the 2014 pink salmon run at Roberts Creek, B.C.”

Chaster Creek Coho Fry

by Larry Reid

“A brief clip showing coho and cutthroat fry in Chaster Creek. The first part shows clips taken in several pools on a single day in 2015. The latter part shows some of the very few fry we saw this fall (2019) during salmon spawner counts.”

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