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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Society’s website!

Please join us to help rehabilitate wild salmon stocks and protect our beautiful creeks so we can enjoy them for generations to come!

Learn more about us and how we protect salmon.

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DFO – ORR – Damage to fish or wildlife habitat Online link

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Monthly Invasive Plant Removals

Join us for our ongoing monthly invasive plant removals and special events and gatherings.

Current Projects

Climate Change & Salmonid Production

We measure weekly water temperatures to get a better picture of how climate change is affecting the natural habitat of wild salmon.

Go to Climate Change and Salmonids Project

Invasive Plant Removals

We remove invasive plants at locations every month. Join us or learn more.

Go to Invasive Plants Project

Spawning Counts

Each fall we count live and dead spawning salmon by species to better understand spawning in seven creeks.

Go to Spawning Count Project

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Make a donation or volunteer to help preserve salmon habitat.

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