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Chum spawner in Roberts Creek (Fall, 2020)

Photo Credit: Larry Reid


Pacific Streamkeepers Federation

Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers Facebook Page

West Vancouver Streamkeepers Society

Pacific Salmon Foundation

Stewardship Centre of British Columbia (Green Shores Project to protect natural shorelines for ocean and fresh water as follows:)

“How does Green Shores benefit property owners and land managers?

  • By increasing accessibility of shorelines, eliminating drop-offs and walls, and creating opportunities for strolling, kayaking, foraging and similar beach enjoyment.
  • By beautifying shorelines, adding native vegetation, and habitat for fish and wildlife.
  • By making shorelines more secure against erosion and flooding.
  • By offering financial benefits such as technical assistance, reduced permit fees, and tax incentives.
  • How does Green Shores benefit the environment?
  • By preserving and restoring physical processes: the natural movement of water and sediment that maintain healthy shorelines.
  • By preserving and enhancing shoreline habitat for both plant and animal communities, and biodiversity.
  • By preventing or reducing pollution of the aquatic environment.
  • By reducing cumulative impacts: the small individual effects that add up to large impacts on shoreline environments.” – Stewardship Centre of BC

 North Shore Streamkeepers

Wild Salmon Centre

Waterwealth Project