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  • The Gift of Salmon:

    Since I became a Streamkeeper 4 years ago, the fall has become my absolute favourite time of year…..and the reason is the salmon returning to our creeks to continue the circle of life. This last Thursday I was down by Roberts Creek and could hardly keep an accurate count as there were SO many! I […]

  • Spawning heroes!

    As I stood under the bridge, I couldn’t stop watching these amazing creatures that have made the challenging long journey to their birthplace. As the females use the last of their energy to prepare their redds (nests), often wearing their tails down to a stub. The males take so much abuse from other competitors large […]

  • Spawners are here!

  • Decades of cuts to salmon monitoring leave B.C. scientists uncertain of fish populations

    The Narwhal: by Matt Simmons, February 18, 2021 For 40 years, Doug Stewart coordinated his movements with spawning salmon on B.C.’s north coast, climbing up creeks to count the fish as they returned from the ocean. His job as a creekwalker — a contract salmon monitoring gig for Fisheries and Oceans Canada — took him […]

  • Last Dance: Spawning Chum Salmon, Vedder River

    by Petr Herman Adventures “This video stars a pair of Chum salmon going about their courtship dance. They use their tails to clear silt from the nest they have dug for their eggs, called a Redd. They are not actually spawning in the video, but they are making all the preparations, getting to know each […]

  • Squamish River Estuary Skwelwil’em/Howe Sound

    by Bob Turner January 27, 2021 The Squamish River estuary was once large and thriving with life, this video shows that changes that have taken place over the past decades without thought in the long lasting impacts to the natural world. Thank YOU Bob Turner for your remarkable work to bring this to our attention […]

  • Salmon returning to North Van creek in ‘shocking’ numbers (VIDEO)

    Coho and chum salmon returns up 300 per cent almost immediately. January 18, 2021   by North Shore News North Shore Streamkeepers president Keegan Casidy wades into Mosquito Creek where salmon are returning in record numbers thanks to a habitat restoration project led by local volunteers.Paul McGrath, North Shore News After all but disappearing from Mosquito […]

  • Raincoast Study: Chinook salmon exhibit long-term rearing and early marine growth in the Fraser River, B.C., a large urban estuary

    A new study has used salmon ear bones (otoliths) and genetic fingerprinting to confirm the importance of the Fraser estuary for juvenile Chinook salmon. Published on 2021 · 01 · 20 by Raincoast Conservation Photo by Michael O. Snyder. A new paper published by a team of researchers, including Raincoast scientists, and led by Lia Chalifour, finds additional […]

  • Salmon Spawning Count 2020

    Salmon Spawning Count 2020

    Bob Turner made this amazing video! It is a video capturing chum salmon spawning near Squamish, BC in November 2020. The female’s release of her eggs and fertilization by male sperm is clearly visible at 2:34. Here are a few pictures of the weekly salmon spawning counts the Sunshine Coast Streamkeepers did from the beginning […]